TEE – A Dozen Roses // A Love Story

We all love TEE over here at the LIMF Academy. He has been very much a part of our family over the past 4/5 years – performing with many of the other artists as a musician and band member, producing for other alumni and more recently as an artist in our 2019-2020 cohort.

TEE has become one of the most exciting emerging artists in Liverpool’s music scene and definitely a leader within the Black Music cultural space. His ability to fuse genres as an accomplished producer, articulate powerful messages as a special lyricist and perform in a way that leaves people emotional is unique. We caught up with TEE to talk about what has been happening recently and his EP ‘ A Dozen Roses // A Love Story” which is out now!

Firstly how are you, what are you keeping busy with during lockdown? 

I am very well thank you. Lockdown is an interesting time; I’m taking it as a gift of time. Time to sort myself out as an artist and plan for the future. Also got a new puppy in the house that I’m living in, so that’s pretty cute. All things considered I cannot complain. 

Let’s talk about your recent single “REAL” How did the collaboration with Kaine come about? 

I’ve known the Mic Lowry boys for quite a few years now. They let me support them on a tour in 2016, which was one of the highlights of my life so far. We’ve kept in touch ever since, a few songwriting sessions and live things here and there. When I was creating the song, I had the space for a vocal, and just thought that Kaine would do a great job, so I texted him. It was that simple, he sent me back the idea a few hours later.

I’ve heard that your debut EP, ‘A Dozen Roses // A Love Story’ is going to take us deeper inside the mind of TEE, is it important to you that your music is personal and reflects your own experiences?  

100%. I think being personal is the main point of me as an artist. I want to open up conversations and that starts with myself. I dont mind putting myself out there and being vulnerable if it means that other people feel comfortable to have these conversations. 

Did you have any challenges making this project during the pandemic? How was the process different than usual? 

The pandemic has delayed the release of the project. Which is frustrating but to be honest I think it was for the best. It meant that I was able to put together the immersive video and have time to figure out a better campaign. So I guess it was about making the most of a not so great situation. 

Tell us a bit about the immersive video aspect of this project, and what inspired you to create this.

Well actually it wasn’t solely my idea, it was a back and forth with my good friend Joseph Mott aka New Junior. He was telling me about the Virtual Reality concepts that he was involved in, and so we thought out ideas that would work for us. It started as an idea for something that was an exhibition that would take place in a venue, with VR goggles. But I wanted something that everyone could immerse themselves into from the comfort of their own home, for obvious reason. 

It’s just a deeper look into the story of the EP, with more interludes and more visual aspects. Something that can give people more context on the story and just something to really indulge themselves in. It’s also live versions of all the songs, so it gives a little bit of that outlet because we can’t do live gigs. 

What is 2021 going to bring for TEE? 

One Word, Consistency. Getting this first EP out was important, because now it means that hopefully the flood gates open. More music, more visuals, more vibes lol. 

Listen to TEE ‘A Dozen Roses // A Love Story’ below