Since its creation in tandem with the Liverpool International Music Festival in 2013, the award-winning LIMF Academy has seen around 5,000 burgeoning artists attend workshops and seminars, as well as perform at a variety of events. We have watched the dozens of artists who make it onto the programme go on to work with pre-eminent producers and open for worldwide superstars – providing a balance with opportunities for young artists outside of London.

For the 2020-2021 programme, the LIMF Academy has furthered our mission, growing the annual alumnus from six to ten artists, and offering more guidance, life coaching and collaboration than ever before. This on top of the usual career investment, mentoring, education and development programme and performance opportunities.


LIMF academy

Instantly recognisable with his shock of red hair, Michael Aldag is a 19 year old singer-songwriter who meshes an unpretentiously wry look at the world around him with a pop sensibility. 

At his core, Aldag is a classic singer-songwriter. However, underneath this there are contemporary beats as well as an accessible 80s synthpop vibe that adds fresh dimensions to a familiar sound.  

He is acutely aware of the power that music has to bring people together – those shared experiences of joy and sorrow, and writes music to reflect this.



Born in Nottingham, Antonia moved to Merseyside to enrol in the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, where she found artists more willing to experiment and collaborate. 

Used to recording bare bones demos, when Antonia began playing live with her band in December 2019, she found they took her music in new directions that she hadn’t previously considered. These collaborations informed her subsequent songwriting and helped her to grow artistically.

In a sense, the naturally humble Antonia readily admits that she is still on a journey of discovery with her own music. But it is one that continues to offer up fresh, exciting avenues.



Hailing from Kisslegg – a small village in south Germany – Micayl refers to his music as “avant garde R&B”, an evocative blend of laid back lo-fi, jazz and the soulful side of hip hop that presents a level of sophistication that goes far beyond his years.

He began his musical training at the age of 3, learning drums and piano, and joined his first bands from 12. Following this, he discovered folk music, picked up a guitar and began performing solo. As much as jazz has influenced him as a musician, folk taught him how to structure a song. 

Collaboration is vital to Micayl’s musicality, but now he is focused on his own developing artistry.



AMBA are 4 like-minded singer/songwriters who met at a local performing arts organisation, Positive impact, where their mutual love of music bonded them together.

Aliyah, Mimi, Brittany and Anouska; all from musical families/backgrounds, collectively bring together a range of styles and musical genres to create their own sound.

Influenced by the likes of Kehlani, H.E.R, Summer Walker and Billie Eilish.  AMBA also hope to use their songwriting talents to connect with other young women through relatable lyrics they can identify with.



Amber Jay’s delicate emotive vocals and experimental production toys between worlds of acoustic pop, woven with dark unearthly concepts. After receiving continuous support from BBC Introducing Merseyside and BBC 6MUSIC and performing at the likes of Sound City, Amber Jay has collected a loyal following. She has also taken apart in artist development programmes such as SoundCity Training and MerseyRail SoundStation. After collaborating with local producer Kurran Karbal, she is now working towards releasing her first EP. The unique pairing promises to deliver bold and animated tracks which will prove to be a notable turning point within her artist career.



Jazmine Johnson is a 21 year old songstress from Liverpool. Jazmine started singing at the tender age of 11. She first honed her singing skills at a summer workshop where she was able to perform regularly with a band at the Cavern Club. The fire that was ignited from this had encouraged her to start playing the guitar and has been writing ever since. 

Her influences include the likes of Amy Winehouse, Allen Stone and Alicia keys. She fuses rhythmical soulful melodies with raw lyrics to create the heart felt emotions that ooze throughout her songs. 

After a few years of working on her sound as Jazmine Johnson, she has just started to write her Debut EP in where she speaks about the life lessons and the real world experiences that she has had.



Hardworking, perfectionist, Josefina Amon, has known since the age of 8 that music was her future. Born and raised in Argentina she moved to the UK aged 17 to fulfil her dream of becoming her own artist. She first began recording and releasing video covers before transitioning to original tracks.

Drawing influence from artists such as; Julia Michaels, Violet Skies, Carla Morrison and Rosalia, Josefina speaks through her music telling stories of deep love connection and deception.

“I write words that I couldn’t say for people that are no longer part of my life. I write to heal hoping my listeners can feel identified with my lyrics and heal too. Maybe laugh a little as well”.

Josefina is currently writing and co-producing her upcoming release, a 6 track project titled; love, just wasn’t enough. Heartfelt emotional vocals, honest lyrics, and infectious melodies. Storytelling songs. Some sad, some sassy, a bit of both.



Lazy Girl is a singer, songwriter and producer making dreamy bedroom pop.

Lazy Girl has been a songwriter from a young age, and began producing music at 17 with the help of a group of female and non-binary artists and producers including Clairo and Sophie Meiers. Now, with over 340,000 Spotify streams, Lazy Girl has established herself as a dreamy indie pop artist, with smooth melodies, lo-fi production and quirky drum samples, alongside down-to-earth lyricism about important topics like mental health, feminism and bisexuality.



Spilt Milk Society formed in the summer of 2015 and has since achieved over 5 million streams on Spotify alone as well as airtime on Radio 1, Radio 2, 6 Music, and local BBC Programmes. The band were hand-picked by Steve Lamacq to play the Great Escape Festival’s BBC Introducing stage in 2017 and from there have appeared at the likes of Kendall Calling, Neighbourhood Festival, and gained tour supports for Superfood, Fickle Friends, Kyle Falconer, Toothless, The Twang and others.



An aspiring artist from Liverpool, Ty Lewis has been singing and writing songs since he was about 7 and been recording since he was about 13. He is influenced by Jazz/Swing, RnB, Neo-soul and rap and infuses these genres in his music.