The LIMF ACADEMY LOCKDOWN COLLABO SERIES is a set of collaborations between 2 Academy artists who have never worked together before. They have been challenged to make, mix and release a track using the wonderful world of the web over a 48 hour period.

For Season 2, we have kicked it off with two dynamic singer-songwriters and producers, Amber Jay and Michael Aldag! The track is called ‘Drowning’ and you can listen above.

Michael Aldag says, “I feel as though Amber and I are on similar wave-lengths. The process of creating the record was interesting as it took me to different places than I usually work in and our voices match very well to in my opinion. The song to me is about drowning in your own thoughts and losing your sense of perspective on everything – something I feel is especially relevant during lockdown.”

Amber Jay added, “Michael sent across an instrumental he’d produced and I came up with some melodies for the verses and as soon as heard the opening synths it made me think of a dark and mysterious scene. I tried to capture within the lyrics a hazy, ambiguous sort of mental state in which someone is trying to find clarity and stability. Michael came up with a super catchy chorus and he fitted it all together. We found our styles worked really well and the song came together really quickly. It was so cool to work with Michael and merge our genres and skill sets!” 

Check out what they came up with.